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by Pegasus Software for planning, tracking, and analyzing your workouts.
Designed for runners by runners
    RunLog v5.0 DELUXE
  • The main window is simply a Calendar with all your run information printed on it.
  • To enter information for a day, just click on the day and the Run Entry window pops up for you to enter your run information.
  • Your daily, weekly, and monthly totals for distance, time, and pace are automatically calculated for you and clearly displayed on the Calendar.
  • RunLog keeps tracks of every time you run a specific course and lets you easily compare your latest run to previous times.
  • You have the power to decide what you want to track - RunLog lets you define anything you want to track.
  • You can Graph all your run information (distance, time, pace, and more...) in numerous time totals (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
Triathletes and Adventure Racers  See how you can use RunLog to track all your workouts.
RunLog Awards
RunLog was picked as Best of the Net by The Mining Company. RunLog is a 5 Star Editor's pick from Ziff Davis Press. RunLog is an Editor's pick by