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Graph window

The Graph window lets you display your run information in any of 3 graph formats (bar, line, point). You can graph distance, time, and pace as well as any numeric User Defined Field you define on they Y Axis and graph any timeframe (days of month, weeks of year, months of year, yearly, etc) or even a specific run course on the X Axis.

You can print any of your graphs directly from RunLog simply by clicking the printer button on the graph window.

Distance and Pace graphed for the days of the month:

Graphing a specific Run Course:
graph2.gif (22076 bytes)

Note the floating yellow window on the graph above that displays the exact number that make up the particular section of the graph. 

You can also right click on any section of the graph to zoom into or outof the graph, or to take you to the dates on the calendar that make up the section of the graph, or even directly edit the days that make up the graph section.
graph3.gif (16211 bytes)

Distance totals and average pace for every year you've run:
graph4.gif (17573 bytes)

Here's what it comes down to:  If there's something you want to do with a graph, you can do it with RunLog.