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 What's New  
Pegasus Software is constantly working to improve our product line.  We are excited to announce the following new product releases.

Bike Logit v2.0 released

Bike Logit is designed for serious cyclists who need to track detailed training information.
  • Easy-to-use Calendar interface
  • Automatically calculates daily, weekly, monthly, year-to-date totals
  • Powerful multi-variable graphs
  • Define ANY field you want to track (other sports, weather, heart-rates, body weight, you define)
  • Keep track of different workout types (Races, LSD, Intervals, Mtn Biking, Hill workouts, even Trainer workouts)
  • Plan your workout and race schedule in advance (including countdowns to upcoming races)
  • Powerful statistics that show weekly/monthly averages and more for any date range.

  RunLog v5.1.3 released (12/10/2005)

RunLog is a training log designed for athletes whose primary activity is running.
Major new features
  • Enhanced toolbar with buttons for the features you use most. 
  • Single click to quickly jump forward or backwards an entire year. 
  • Scroll up and down through the Calendar a week at a time. 
  • Previous year's totals now display in both the Monthly dropdown area and the YTD dropdown. Monthly Estimates display in the monthly total area for the current month.
  • Added Calculated User-Defined-Fields.  Now RunLog can calculate Calories burned, Bike or Run Speed, Percent of Max HR.
  • Added ability to sum User-Defined-Fields in a different unit than you enter them.
  • More powerful control over how you configure RunLog.
  • Graph up to 4 fields on the graph at a time.  Added new "disjointed" time frame to graph to easily be able to compare different years.
  • Added Year-to-Date ability to Year-at-a-Glance and Graph windows.


PocoLog v1.0 released

PocoLog is designed for athletes on the go.
  • Same level of configuration as RunLog and Bike Logit
  • View your data in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or any date range you want.
  • Carry PocoLog with you everywhere you go. 

Software Designed for Athletes