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RunLog v5.2 - 12/10/2005 - Download update

What's new in v5.2

  • Heart Rate Monitor Support!: The first step in support HRM files from within RunLog allows you to link your existing HRM files from within RunLog and to open your HRM program (such as Polar Precision Performance) from within RunLog.
  • Run List: Added ability to copy the Run List results to the clipboard to be pasted in Excel or other file.
  • Calendar UDFs: Extended number of User-Fields that are loaded on the Calendar window from 30 to 50.
  • Multiple Workouts: Fixed problem with displaying pace on days where first workout of the day includes run distance and time, but second workout doesn't (i.e. if it was another sport).
  • Backup: Enhanced Backup to handle Windows XP "Copy files to CD" feature.
  • Restore: Enhanced Restore to allow user to choose a location other than a floppy drive.
  • Send Email: Fixed "Send Email" feature from File menu.
  • Year at a Glance: Changed so "Year at a Glance" columns can be sized.
  • Shoes: Fixed loading of shoe distance display on Run Entry window for default shoes.
  • International: Fixed split entry problems with commas and periods switched. 
  • Total Workout Time: Fixed problem with "Total Workout Time" special field.  RunLog allows you to set up a field with a special field of "Total Workout Time" (which means it will add up all your other time fields that have "Include in Total Workout Time" set and put it in this field), but it also lets you set this field up as "Include in Total Workout Time".  This caused problems on the Run Entry window.
  • Copy/Paste Splits: Changed copy/paste functionality to include split data. 
  • Hyperlink UDF: Added a new Special Field of "Hyperlink" that lets you put in a local filename or web address.  The Hyperlink then shows up on the calendar underlined and can be clicked on to open the file or webpage.
  • Graph->Run List: Fixed right-clicking on the graph and sending the days on the graph to the Run List window.