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RunLog Screens

Overview of feature differences between Standard and Deluxe versions

Your primary Interface into RunLog. This is the first window you see when you start RunLog.
Run Entry
You enter all run information in this window. Run name, distance, time, pace, comments, run types, shoe, and any fields you define.
Run List
Allows you to view every time you've run a specific course or do more complex searches using the Custom Search window.
Graphically display your run information.
Statistics (Deluxe version only)
View cool statistics for any time period.
Multiple Runs
Allows you to enter and track multiple runs for a given day.
Zoom Day
Quick view of the selected day's run information. Can be used to copy data to another application or email.
Edit Runs
Edit run names and default distances.
Edit Run Types (Deluxe version only)
You define the types of runs you assign to runs. i.e. - Trail run, Easy run, Intervals, etc.
Track Shoe Use (Deluxe version only)
Track distance and times worn for all your shoes.
User Defined Fields (Deluxe version only)
Allows you to define your own fields to track. i.e. Pulse, Weather, who you ran with, whatever!
Extended Comment (Deluxe version only)
Gives you a full-page, unlimited length place to enter anything you want for each day.
Configure RunLog
Use this to switch between miles and kilometers, change the starting day of the week, set the number of days for the rolling total, and configure the calendar.
Splits (Deluxe version only)
Use the Splits window to enter race splits or interval workouts.  You can even graph your splits as you are entering them.
Custom Search
Use the custom search functionality to return a list of runs to the Run List window.  You can do searches such as "show me all my races in the last year between 5 and 10 miles with a pace faster than 7:00"