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Edit Shoes window (Deluxe version only)

The Edit Shoes window allows you to monitor your shoe usage. Any shoes that you add automatically keep track of the number of times they are worn and the total distance on the them. You can also log when you started wearing and when you retired each pair of shoes as well as a comment to track things you liked or didn't like about a particular pair.

To log a shoe entry, you simply choose the shoe you ran each day on the Run Entry window. You can even mark one pair as the default pair so that it gets selected automatically on the Run Entry window so you don't have to worry about remembering to select it.

When you're done with a pair of shoes, you simple mark it as "Inactive" to stop it from showing up in the Run Entry window, but all the data for it is kept around for you to reference.

Simply click on the Edit button to edit information about a shoe, or the New button to add a new pair of shoes.