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For Runners: RunLog is a training log designed for athletes whose primary activity is Running.
For Cyclists: Bike Logit is designed for the serious cyclist.


For Athletes on the move: PocoLog as a multi-sport training log for Palm PDAs.
 Hot downloads 
RunLog v5.0
Bike Logit v2.0
PocoLog for Palm v1.0
PaceCalc for Palm v1.0
 What's New 
RunLog v5.2 Update (12/10/2005)

RunLog v5.0  Click here to see the new features.  Current RunLog users click here to see how to upgrade.

Bike Logit v2.0  Click here to see the new features.  Previous RunLog users click here to see how to upgrade.
PocoLog - Advanced Training Log for Palm.

Available Now - free Pace Calculator for Palm.

All Pegasus Software products let you track multiple sports.


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 Already have a training log? 
Do you have an existing electronic training log?  We'll transfer all your data into RunLog or Bike Logit for you.  We'll even offer you a discount on your RunLog purchase.   Download our demo and see why more athletes are switching to products by  Pegasus Software. 
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