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Download RunLog v5.0
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The RunLog demo is a fully-functional version of RunLog that limits the number of entries you can make to 30 until you purchase it.  The demo  includes both RunLog Deluxe and RunLog Standard -- the install program lets you decide which version to install.  

You can choose between 3 methods of downloading and installing RunLog.  The 3 methods are described below.  Click on the link on the left of the method you would like to use.  

RL5Setup.exe 1) Single File Download
: Download the entire RunLog installation in a single 6mb file.  Once you download the file, just run it on your computer to begin the RunLog installation.
Advantages: Single file to download and keep track of.  If you have a CD writer or ZIP disk, you can easily copy this single file to a disk that can be used for later installations.
Disadvantages: This file is too big to fit on a standard 3.5" floppy disk.  If you don't have a CD writer or ZIP disk it is difficult to copy this install to an external disk for later installations.


2) Multiple  File Download
: Download the RunLog installation in 5 files that you can later copy to floppy disks.  Once the installation is copied to floppy disks, it can saved as a backup or used to install on other computers without Web access.  We suggest downloading and running the install from your hard drive before copying these files to floppy disks.
Advantages: Easy to create RunLog installation disks to be installed at a later time or on another computer.
Disadvantages: 5 files to keep track of.


RL5Web.exe 3) Web Install
Description: Download a small (142kb) installation program.   Then, while you are still connected to the Web, run the installation program.   The installation program checks existing files on  your computers and only downloads the files it needs.     
Advantages: Potentially the fastest way to install RunLog.   RunLog uses some common files that you most-likely have on your computer already.   The other two installation methods download all the files needed by RunLog, but it might not install them if your computer is already up-to-date.  The Web install method checks whether you need a file before it downloads and installs it.
Disadvantages: No way to backup the entire RunLog installation.


Our Recommendation:  If you've looked through the advantages and don't have a particular preference, try the Web Install.  Sure it doesn't let you create a backup disk, but it is always available and it's always the latest version.