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Welcome to the premier version of Bike Logit by Pegasus Software.  Bike Logit is the latest product by Pegasus Software, creators of the Award Winning RunLog.  Bike Logit takes the incredible features of RunLog and turns it into a logging program with the serious cyclist in mind.

Download the Bike Logit demo. 
Bike Logit

Here are some of Bike Logit's key features.  Click here to see a comparison of Deluxe vs. Standard features.
  • Easy-to-use Calendar Interface
  • Automatically calculates daily, weekly, monthly, year-to-date totals
  • Powerful multi-variable graphs
  • Define ANY field you want to track (other sports, weather, heart-rates, body weight)
  • Keep track of different workout types (LSD, Intervals, Mtn Biking, Hill workouts, even Trainer workouts)
  • Plan your workout and race schedule in advance (including countdowns to upcoming races)
  • Powerful statistics that show weekly/monthly averages and more for any date range.

Here are some screen shots from Bike Logit that show stages from last year's Tour.  Click on any picture to view larger image.

The Calendar window is your primary interface into Bike Logit
Calendar.jpg (129195 bytes)


The Ride Entry window is where you enter your workout data.
LogEntry.jpg (47825 bytes)
The Graph window gives you a lot of very cool graphs
Graph.jpg (70821 bytes)
YOU decide what YOU want to track
config1.jpg (46100 bytes) rarrow.jpg (1564 bytes) LogEntry1.jpg (60819 bytes)

The Statistics window gives you some very useful stats
Stats.jpg (60698 bytes)


YOU decide which Ride Types you want to track.
Config2.jpg (48037 bytes) rarrow.jpg (1564 bytes) LogEntry2.jpg (62760 bytes)
The Ride List window gives you a list view of your ride data
RideList.jpg (113838 bytes)
Fast guys use Bike Logit
MikeBike256.jpg (12128 bytes)