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Pegasus Software grass-roots support

Pegasus Software is dedicated to the sport of running and fully supports sports at the local club and youth level.

Club special purchases (prices 10-33% off regular prices)

Have your club representative contact Pegasus Software about special deals for club members and volume discounts.   Discounts vary, but you can pretty much count on at least the following volume discounts for teams.  Discounts can also be given for linking your club website to RunLog.

Quantity Discount
5-10 10%
10-20 20%
20-30 30%
over 30 33%

High School/College team special purchases (prices 20-50% off regular prices)

Pegasus Software really supports running at the high school and college level.   Have your coach or athletic director contact Pegasus Software about special deals for high school and college runners.  Why the bigger discounts for younger runners?  We all know how expensive it is raising kids to begin with.  And with school budgets continuously being cut, parents are having to pick up more and more of the cost of their children participating in athletics.

Race Sponsorships

RunLog makes great prizes for running events.  If you are interested in giving away free copies of RunLog at your race, send Pegasus Software the following information:

  • The date and type of your event.
  • The URL of the webpage for your race (or send a flyer to Pegasus Software Sponsorship; PO Box 13672; Portland, OR  97213)
  • The number of copies of RunLog requested.
  • Description of how the RunLog will be distributed (race winners, product drawing, etc).
  • The number of participants for the event the previous year(s) and the number expected this year.