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RunLog features


  • Windows application.  Runs on all versions of Windows - 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and any future version.
  • Easy to use calendar format.
  • RunLog has an unlimited number of entries! You can use RunLog for years.
  • RunLog is specifically for runners. Only the features you really use as a runner are included.
  • Easily toggle between Miles and Kilometers.
  • Multiple runners can use the same copy of RunLog.
  • Choose any day to start your weeks on.  Most people choose either Sunday or Monday, but you can choose any day.
  • Display a rolling total for the number of days that you decide. Automatically calculated anytime you change to a different day.
  • Fully Internationally compatible. Handles international date and number formats.
  • Cost is only $45 for Deluxe and $25 for Standard

Calendar Interface

  • View your training information in a familiar calendar format. Just click on a calendar day to enter run information. Automatically calculates daily, weekly, and monthly totals. Automatically calculates weekly and monthly average paces. Everything you need is just a click away: Run Entry, Run Comparisons, Graphs
  • Quick Use Toolbar for the most commonly used features.
  • Right-click popup menus on most windows.
  • Change the font and size displayed on the calendar to display more information.
  • Print your log directly from RunLog by simply clicking on a print button.
  • Simple click of a button to change from monthly view to week-at-a-time view or to multiple-month view.

Run Entry

  • RunLog saves a list of previous run names that you've entered to pick from. As you begin typing name of a run, the matching run name in the list of previous runs is highlighted. Select run from list of previously entered runs and the default distance is filled in automatically. Enter the time and the pace is automatically calculated.
  • Define and track your own Run Types. (Deluxe version only)
  • Track Shoe Usage. Distance and Times worn are automatically tracked for you. (Deluxe version only)
  • RunLog allows you to define your own fields to track. The weather, who you ran with, your heart rate, other non-running workouts, anything you want to track, it's up to you. (Deluxe version only)
  • Extended comment gives you a full-page, unlimited-length place to enter a comment for each day. Especially useful for logging interval workouts or races splits, or even use it to keep a daily journal. (Deluxe version only)

Multiple Runs

  • Log an unlimited number or runs per day. Total distance and time, and average pace for the day are automatically calculated.

Run List

  • Compare all times you've run a specific course. See where the current day's pace ranks with all the times you've run the course.
  • Use custom search functionality to choose only the runs that match a certain criteria.


  • Graph Distance, Time, and Pace for Days of the week, Weeks of the year, Months of the year, or Yearly totals.
  • Graph any numeric field you define in User Defined Fields. For example, you could graph your body weight, or pulse rate, or cycling or swimming workouts. (Deluxe version only)
  • Print graphs directly from RunLog by simply clicking on a print button.

Shoe use (Deluxe version only)

  • Add any number of shoes to track.  RunLog automatically calculates your distance and number of times worn.
  • RunLog warns you when it's time to retire your shoes (based on warning distance entered by you).

Statistics (Deluxe version only)

  • View Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Minimum, Average, and Maximum Distance, Time, Pace and number of runs for any time period.
  • Easily compare different months or year-to-date totals and averages.

Splits (Deluxe version only)

  • Enter race splits or interval workouts.
  • Automatically graph split times.