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PocoLog for Palm - Weekly Screen
Weekly View


  • The weekly view lets you quickly view an entire week's worth of activity on one screen.
  • You can choose to show all your activities for the week (shown at left), or pick a single activity.
  • When you show all your activities, the totals for each activity and a total time of all activities is displayed at the bottom.
  • You can choose between showing Distance, Time, Pace, Course, or ANY of the other fields you have defined for each activity.
Pick an Activity



You can pick from any of your activities...


... and display only that activity's entries for the week.



Pick a field



You can pick the fields you want to show in the columns.

You can pick from Distance, Time, Pace, Route, and any of the fields you have defined for an activity.


This shows the screen with the selected field (Route)
Toggle Date display

You can click on the date range to toggle it from displaying a date range ("Feb 17-23 2002" in the previous screen shot) to displaying a description relative to the current date (for instance: "This week", "Last week", "2 weeks ago", etc...)

You can dbl-click on the date range to popup a calendar to pick a specific week to go to.